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Boulder Found on Site Formed the Baptismal Font and Holy Water Fonts

Baptismal font LgLF-Baptismal Font LgDove above Baptismal Lg

Ascending the stairs, the first impression is of soaring height as one looks up to the peak of the wood arches, or to the prow-shaped window of the baptistry rising from the floor to the highest point of the roof.

In plan, the baptistry is located in this position between the two main entrances from either upper or lower level as symbolic of the opposite end of the axis from the main altar, suggestive of the beginning and the end. The baptismal font was hollowed from a large boulder found on the site. This boulder, which is not indigenous to this area and no one knows how it came to be on this property, also was carved to create several holy water fonts.

The first baby to be christened there was Michael Moriarity whose parents, Joseph and Patricia, commissioned the dove (pictured above) to be hung above the baptismal stone.