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Wow, and thank you! Your generosity is at work to maintain God's house in a truly amazing way. We have already received over 160 families respond and have a total of $733,224 pledged - already passing the half-way mark. This might sound like a great start, and in many ways it is, but it has been through the generosity of many, and we need everyone's help to reach our goal.

I am very excited to announce that we have launched the 3-year (36-month) pledge drive titled “Small Things with Great Love” to raise $1.3 million dollars for the benefit of our parish facilities. In fact, the past week or two we began with some individual visits and two small-group information nights. As of today, a number of us who were asked to pledge ahead of time have already committed to a total of ~200,000 dollars (15% of goal), showing that we are on track for success if we have a similar amount of commitment and support from all of us. Although this will require all of us to make significant sacrifices, it will be a great blessing to the parish.