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What is Ananias Training? Inspired by the important role Ananias played in St. Paul's journey to Christ, Ananias Training will help parishes, homes, and apostolates become places where we can: recognize the stages of another's spiritual journey through compassionate listening; listen lovingly to their real questions and opinions about God in order to guide the discovery of how God is present and active in a person's life; talk about our relationship with God; share how we came to be a disciple of Jesus; share Jesus' own story in response to the spiritual hunger of another.

The Easter season concludes next week with the celebration of Pentecost, and today we recall the Lord's Ascension into heaven.  As the Lord ascends into heaven, we are simultaneously reminded of our destiny as Christians, and of our work here on earth.  While our Lord takes our human nature into the heavens and "returns to the Father," we are charged by Jesus to be witnesses before the world of this Good News.  May we be the best of witnesses by living the faith in word and deed.  It is a great joy for me to see the ways we as a parish are committed to generously sharing with the poor and needy around us.  May we continue to allow our community of faith to be a leaven in this world through our deeds of "small things with great love."

I just finished my sixth year of seminary formation. Seminary is a time of discernment and learning. My favorite courses in the seminary have always been sacred scripture; I love reading and learning about sacred scripture. Seminary formation has four pillars: Spiritual, Human, Pastoral, and Intellectual. For us seminarians the most important pillar is Spiritual formation.

Hello everyone! As some of you may know, this is my last weekend here at Little Flower. I have had an amazing year, and I have been so extravagantly blessed to be able to enjoy this parish.

As my time here is coming to a close, I wanted to share with you a few things that I have learned about the Lord, about myself, and about ministry:

The St. Therese Little Flower Social Justice Commission (SJC) held their May meeting on Monday May 13. Items for discussion were the successful Faith in Indiana St. Joseph County training held on April 28 at St. Therese. Building on that training members of the SJC will be contacting some of our parishioners for conversations about their interests and passions for our parish and community.

Saturday morning we had Confirmations at our parish, hosting some other parishes to fill our church for this special sacrament with Bishop Rhoades.  It was a great blessing to see the youth of our parish take this next step in their faith lives.  They entered into it with a sincere heart, and I believe God will be close to them in the road ahead.  Also close to them will be their Confirmation sponsors and their new patrons in heaven, the saints for whom they chose to be named when they were presented to the Bishop. 

I grew up in a good Catholic home, and I remember my parents taking us to church at least 3 times a week. My favorite saint is St. John the Evangelist because he was the youngest of the Apostles, and his Gospel speaks about love. 

I hope this weekend you were able to meet our seminarian, Jonathan Evangelista.  He will write an introduction for our next bulletin so you can get learn more about him and his journey toward priesthood, both before and during his recent years in seminary formation.  I am delighted to have another brother in the Lord to live the common life with and to share my ministry with.  Jesus sent out his disciples two-by-two, and this is a beautiful way that I can get a “dose” of that collaboration that I live all throughout my priesthood, though in many ways “from afar.”