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When thinking about what you should do for Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving this Lent, consider The LENT RADIO CHALLENGE. Reset all your radios to Redeemer Radio through all of Lent, we will also sent you daily e-boosts, providing you with local, faithful inspiration as we journey with Jesus into the desert. 

Join the Challenge at www.LentRadio.com
Please join us at 9:30 AM on Wednesday, May 8, 2019 to tour the Christ Child Society clothing center (located at 308 South Scott Street – the former St. Patrick’s School in South Bend)!  

Bishop Rhoades certainly keeps himself very busy.  He truly spends himself for his flock here in our diocese, and there are many recent reminders I have received of precisely that.  First, as a new member of his presbyteral council, I witnessed at our first meeting some of the pastoral concerns that Bishop Rhoades had brought to us.  It came up how many letters he replies to in a given week or month, and his productivity astonished me.  He really does try to reply to everyone and keep his mailbox up-to-date.  I hope to continue to grow in that example.

This week come discover the FREEDOM that the Holy Spirit has in store for you! The Holy Spirit brings freedom from fear, anger, and the past. So often Christians find themselves bound by so many things and are not aware that the Holy Spirit wants to bring the freedom of God to them. You do not have live life as a slave to the past, anger, jealousy, or fear!

I hope you have started well your Lenten journey.  Prayer, fasting, and almsgiving are ways that we make room for God to work in our lives.  I pray that during this season you can open wide the doors of your hearts for the Lord Jesus to enter.  The gift of Easter is bigger than we can imagine, and we need to make as much room as possible for receiving it.  However, as Saint Thérèse says, "all is grace," meaning that everything is a pure gift that we do not earn.  While we must do our part, God only shares Himself at His own free decision - similar to friendship or romance.

Friendship with God, Friendship with Our Spouse, In the Holy Spirit 

The story of the wedding feast at Cana contains hope for all marriages, even the better ones. At Cana we see the enthusiasm and joy that happens at every wedding. But just like the wine at Cana, this initial enthusiasm runs out with the passage of time. Then, couples act only out of habit, not out of love and with joy. If we are not attentive and careful, sadness and boredom will descend upon the family. When this happens to a couple it must sadly be said of them, “They have no more wine.”

All are encouraged to attend a Town Hall meeting sponsored by Faith in Indiana, St. Joseph County at the Sinai Synagogue, South Bend.
March 24, 4:00 p.m.

At the previous Town Hall meeting at Holy Cross Parish last August, 260 people gathered around the Families First agenda. That meeting dealt with such issues as the impact of violence, a broken immigration system, lead poisoning, incarceration, and lack of health care. The mayor, sheriff candidates, and members of the County Commissioners and Common Council attended. And the people got results.

All are welcome to join St. Matthew Cathedral for a Parish Mission: Hope in the Wilderness, March 18-21 at 7:00 p.m. each night.

Fr. Raphael Mary Salzillo OP, Dr. Gary Anderson, Colleen Moore and Fr. Ken Amadi will speak at the Vespers, Holy Hour, Penance Service and Mass.

Childcare will be provided. More information can be found at stmatthewcathedral.org/mission.
As Lent starts this week, I’d like to offer an idea for your Lenten journey.

One percent of your day is 14 minutes and 24 seconds.  Each hour is just over four percent of your day.  So I think I sleep about 30% of my day, typically.  Some more of our time is spent on food.  Perhaps exercise and work.