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We have helped her from time to time with utility and rent payments since 2011. She has two special needs adolescent children, and now a stepchild to care for. In Spring of 2019, the bottom fell out. Although she worked regularly for a temp agency, it was not enough. She and her partner were evicted. The family of five was living in a pickup truck, their meager possessions piled in the back of the truck. We were able to help them rent a small house that seemed the answer to their dreams. The house payments were barely affordable. In October of 2019, the house burned down, according to the Fire Marshall resulting from the landlord using a piece of coat-hangar for a fuse. They lost all their possessions. Since the fire, they have been living in one room in a local motel. Then their parked truck was badly damaged by a shooting incident at the motel. They switched motels, then soon after their workplace was badly damaged by a fire and they were laid off. Despite everything, they remained hopeful. They’re back to work and expecting a sizable pay increase in April after they clear temp-agency restrictions. We helped them with a small deposit on a new apartment.  No, we did not make this story up. And it’s likely that the Coronavirus impact is only going to produce more hardship stories. So many people are right on the edge. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your generosity with the green envelopes.