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Thank you to all those that have already supported our Small Things with Great Love capital campaign. We are approaching the $1 million milestone, and in order to reach our goals for the campaign, we need every family's help. If you have not yet returned your pledge card, please do so as soon as possible. If you have questions about the campaign, please contact the parish office at 574-272-7070.  Thank you again for your support of these needs in our parish. Please say a prayer (or many!) for the boiler to hold strong through this season.

Next session: Sunday, December 9, during Religious Ed
Parish Center, Upper Room

All parents are invited! t when Religious Ed. is in session

 Advent is a time of the year that confused me as a child. We’re getting ready for Jesus to come…but he actually already came! As I’ve grown up, I’ve come to a better understanding of the purpose of the Advent season.

The word advent itself means “to come” or “to arrive”. We can understand this in three senses.

In November, the Outreach Program provided $3,932.55 in assistance to 25 people for 28 accounts. That was a decrease from October, but only because of decreased available funds. It’s not that parishioners haven’t been generous. You have! The needs are sooooo great, and many times the stories are heart-wrenching. There is a lot of discernment that is needed, and a lot of prayer offered that the Spirit guide us with good judgment. One challenge, do we provide a lesser amount that avoids an immediate disconnect or eviction, or do we cover a larger amount due that will provide breathing room to get back on top of things. Sometimes it’s one, sometimes it’s the other.

In today’s sobering Gospel, we hear: “Beware that your hearts do not become drowsy from carousing and drunkenness and the anxieties of daily life, and that day catch you by surprise like a trap.”

“That day” refers to the “Son of Man coming” at which our “redemption is at hand.” We are told to be “vigilant at all times”, to keep eyes wide open. That applies now, too.

This bulletin needed to be sent in a week earlier due to the Thanksgiving holiday, so I do not have much new information to give you about the campaign in written form.  I will be able to give a little update at Mass itself, as well as on the parish website. Please check to see the most recent reports on our progress. If you would like to verify your pledge or would like to make a new pledge, please reach out to us at the parish office by phone or by stopping in.

This Sunday, we celebrate Jesus as King of the Universe. First of all, what an epic title for our Lord to possess! Not king of England, or Europe, or even the world; King of the UNIVERSE. King of everything.

This celebration was established in 1925 as a way to fight secularism, the culture’s push to exclude God from man’s way of thinking and living. This shove from our secularized culture today is stronger than ever, with relativism as its sidekick.

Saturday December 1, at 9 am, Parish Center 

Speaker: Ted Niezer
Topic: "Into the Breach- an Apostolic Exhortation To Catholic Men"

All men including sons, grandsons neighbors and friends are invited.