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Welcome Message

Welcome to our parish website, the online face of our parish.  I hope you enjoy the information you find here and are drawn to a deeper connection with our parish family.  St. Thèrése, Little Flower Catholic Church, located on the north side of South Bend, is dedicated to a life of prayer and a life of service to others.  We welcome questions or contacts made through our website and we are eager to welcome new members to come and join us in our life of prayer and service.  St. Thérèse, Little Flower parish has a tradition of collaborating well with outside groups, as you will see in our busy parish calendar.  I am particularly fond of the Forever Learning Institute founded by Fr. Putz, and the studios of Redeemer Radio 95.7FM.

If you are Catholic and live in the area, you are already one of the many "sheep" of this flock, and are entitled to the pastoral care of your priest.  It is my blessed duty and great privilege to bring you closer to Jesus, particularly through the sacraments, blessings, family celebrations, and spiritual guidance.  Feel free to reach out to me whenever you need.

I look forward to meeting you after weekend Masses or in the office.  Please refer to the parish calendar for events at the parish, and the bulletin and our Facebook page for events that go even beyond our borders.

Know that I pray for you daily in the Mass, the Liturgy of the Hours, and the Rosary.  May our Blessed Mother intercede for you, Saint Thérèse send you gifts from heaven, and Our Savior always hold you close to His Sacred Heart.

Sincerely in Our Risen Lord,

—Fr. Terry

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