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Leaks in the roof, ice dams, ripped carpets, broken down heating and A/C systems, rooms needing a paint job… Sound familiar? We all love our homes but we also realize that they are in constant need of repair and updating both for safety and for our enjoyment. Our parish home is no different.

The chart, based on the in-depth studies from various contractors and architects, brings awareness to needed repairs and proactive adjustments. Our plan is to begin these changes next year and continue in subsequent years, allowing us to provide an attractive, welcoming environment where we can gather, worship and draw others into our faith. The projects are listed in order of priority. The costs indicated are the best estimates to cover our needs, mostly based of quotes we have received.

iconchurch The boiler and air conditioner equipment will be replaced with models of higher efficiency than our aging, less reliable ones. The current type of A/C we have is being phased out for better technology. Air conditioning will be added to Fr. Payne Hall, making it more usable in the hot summer months.

COST: $450,000
iconpaintcan Pews will be refinished and kneelers reupholstered. New brighter light fixtures will allow for easier reading and will also shine light upward to showcase the beauty of the wooden ceiling. New audio technology for crystal clear sound directly to hearing aids. Flooring replacement as the carpet is thirty years old. Sanctuary renovations, including ramp access. Glass dividers for the chapel.

COST: $275,000
iconchainsaw Parking lot resurfacing. Parish Center roof replacement.  Annual Bishop’s Appeal.  Unexpected project expenses (contingency).

COST: $511,000