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With today’s celebration we get to experience the joy of our patroness, Saint Thérèse, the "little flower" of God.  We have done various things to make this day special, most of all our parish potluck (join us at 12:30 in the parish center!) and all the extras for Sunday Mass.  I am very grateful to those who helped with planning and to our staff for a lot of the behind the scenes work, and particularly to the Knights of Columbus (now 48 members) who helped significantly for the potluck.

When Pope Pius X called Thérèse the greatest saint of modern times, it is really something to stop and think about.  When Pope St. John Paul II later named our patroness a doctor of the church, it put her in a unique trio of women alongside Catherine of Siena and Teresa of Avila – two of the most influential church reformers ever. 

What is it about this “little flower” that makes her so great?  Her faith.  She would say she is incapable of great things because she is too small.  Yet God uses the small most easily and effectively.  If we continue to devote ourselves to “small things with great love,” giving to others as a gift to Jesus, then we ourselves will be great in our work for the kingdom, for God will be working through us.

Let us continue to be people of faithful prayer and allow this great saint to show us the “little way” to be the saints God has planned for us! 

St. Thérèse, the little flower, pray for us!