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With the start of our new schedule next week, I would like to take advantage of our new opportunity for community events between Masses with a presentation at 10:15 in classrooms 2 and 3.  I want to share with you my experience on pilgrimage to Medjugorje, the shrine that has been in “ecclesial limbo” for decades while visionaries continue to claim to see and hear from the Blessed Mother Mary.  While Pope Francis has expressed his own gentle critiques, he also has shown some of the most emphatic support of the shrine by sending a priest delegate to remain at the shrine and minister to pilgrims on behalf of the Holy Father.  This is a huge step in the direction of integrating this shrine into the life of the Church like the other holy sites of Lourdes, Fatima, and Guadalupe (Mexico City).

One of the strongest arguments for support of the work of Medjugorje is the results: lives have been changed, again and again.  People return to the sacraments.  Conversions that last a lifetime have begun there.  God’s love is felt in a deep way, and Mary’s presence is warmly felt.  The Lord Himself teaches, “a bad tree cannot bear good fruit, and a good tree cannot bear bad fruit,” and “whoever is not against me is for me.”  I think by these simple guides, apart from many other good reasons, we can say that God is working in Medjugorje.

If you will be travelling that day for the holiday weekend, I pray the Lord bless and guide your travels.  Don’t forget to make time for Mass and for prayer!

In a little over a month will be our patronal feast.  Since October 1st is on a Tuesday this year, the feast will be moved forward to Sunday the 29th of September to allow the whole parish to celebrate.  Please stay tuned for more information about how we will celebrate together the life and message of our parish’s great saint, the “petite” Thérèse.

Saint Thérèse, Little Flower, help us to be little so that the Lord can always hold us in His arms.