lfbanner3a summer
It seems like a different house now.  The rectory is quiet once again, as residents have dropped from three to one.  Seminarian Johnny has moved on to his final summer program: a week retreat-vacation with other seminarians.  Please keep them in your prayers as they prepare for another year of studies, adding some new men to the group of I believe 26 total this year.  Johnny Evangelista is one of the “veterans” at this point, having been in seminary six years and looking forward to being ordained a deacon in this penultimate year.  God willing, he will be ordained a priest in 2021.  May God bless him for the ways he grew during his summer in the parish, being stretched out of his comfort zone as he grows in ministry and learns all the different ways he is called to serve the people of God, even dancing his heart out for the children at vacation bible school!  Every summer is full of opportunities, and he did a good job to seize them as they came.  We will see him again soon for the parish picnic next weekend!

My other housemate Father William Orbih is also going home for a visit to Nigeria before his return for a full-force semester at Notre Dame as he begins his PhD program.  It is our plan, as part of his collaboration with the parish, that he will be providing two extra daily Masses (with Confession time as well) on Monday and Wednesday evenings upon his return.  So in a few weeks, starting August 19th, there will be another opportunity for the parish to receive the Sacraments of our daily renewal in the Christian life, at a time when those who work in the mornings are able to attend (probably 7:00pm).  I have long wrestled with the problem that regular working hours are prohibited by our morning daily Mass time being so late, but also by the benefit that it is to the wider community (it is one of the latest Mass times).  With this priest committing to our parish over the next years, we are able to reach both groups!

We did some work on the rectory to allow for a permanent resident in the basement.  There are safety requirements for a second escape route which we have inexpensively accommodated via a larger window and escape ladder at the north end of the rectory.  Fr. William is now safe, and I can still use the room upstairs, where he lived the first month, as a guest room.

See you next week for our parish “beach party” picnic (corn & sausage roast).  God bless you and yours!