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Pilgrimage is a beautiful opportunity for God to move.

It is interesting to think that Jesus, Mary, and Joseph went on pilgrimage often. They would have traveled three times each year for the Jewish festivals in Jerusalem. Jesus was lost in the temple on one of these pilgrimages. In fact, Jesus was born on a pilgrimage of sorts (or rather a long journey): Joseph took Mary to his hometown of Bethlehem for the census required by Caesar Augustus when Our Lord was born.

On the road when we have nowhere to call home, we are like the Son of Man who we heard last week did not have a place to lay His head. He was a pilgrim on the road for His home was only to be found in the Father’s heart. So too for us. Jesus spent time in prayer, especially at night, giving up sleep for time with the Lord. So too perhaps we need to make sacrifices for our prayer time. We also must reflect on our lives, review them, see what God wants to do with us.

Don’t be afraid of the silence that is so uncommon in our world. It is there where eventually we can be filled with the peace that can only come from encountering the Lord’s love that pulsates so dimly amidst the fray of this world. I pray for you that the Lord will give you opportunity for quiet prayer, for peace in your heart. See you soon!