lfbanner3a summer
“The priesthood is the love of the heart of Jesus.” These words by Saint John-Marie Vianney, the patron of all priests, confirms in me that Fr. John Eze is a very good priest. I’m sure you enjoyed his presence this weekend as he shared about his home diocese for the annual mission appeal. This annual practice gives us a chance to participate in the missionary work of the church. Indeed this is something that was always close to our patroness’ heart, and our sharing in that mission is a way of living out the charism of our parish.

Medjugorje is a beautiful place. Ever since I first learned about the shrine from my vocations director some 15 years ago, it has been appealing to me as a place of encounter with the Lord and with our Lady. I also don’t think it is a coincidence that our diocese has been the location of the Medjugorje Conference for about twenty-five years here at our Lady’s university.

For the past couple years I have tried to go on a pilgrimage to this shrine with pilgrims from the area. I was delighted when the hopes became reality with this trip. I am happy to spend some days in prayer and reflection.

Summer means also an opportunity for some extra time with family, and as I part from this shrine in the middle of next week, I will meet up with my family who will be on vacation together for a week. Actually getting all my immediate family together (eight children) is always a small miracle, so I thank our Lady for that in advance!

I pray that through her intercession, the Lord will send our parish more abundant blessings day by day.