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This second Sunday of May day gives us all a chance to remember and acknowledge the important maternal figures in our lives. For me those are definitely my mom, then equally though in a different manner the Blessed Mother, and holy mother church. But there are also many others who have fostered my life’s growth and maturation: teachers, religious sisters, grandmothers, aunts, and other women in my life growing up, especially those who volunteered in the youth group and all who prayed for me even if I never met them. Thanks be to God for them all!

I’m heading home after the morning Masses for a surprise visit with all my siblings to see mom - who also celebrates her birthday on the 12th. We are hoping the secret works out and that my niece’s Confirmation was a sufficient distraction for our plan’s success. We tricked our dad recently so it might be a long shot, but what matters is we are showing our love and gratitude.

Speaking of Confirmation, please keep in your prayers the candidates in our parish who will receive the Sacrament at the hands of our bishop when he comes to visit at the end of May on Saturday the 25th at 10:00a.m. You are welcome to join in the Mass, which should last less than 90 minutes. The youth from our parish (and some other smaller area parishes) will be Confirmed after the homily.

This weekend is vocations’ weekend. On “Good Shepherd Sunday” we always pray for the Lord to send laborers into the harvest, obeying Jesus’ command from Matthew 9:38.  One survey of those to be ordained for this year in the US showed that vocations to priesthood especially need accompaniment: support from those who are journeying along with them. This summer gives us a great opportunity to do precisely that, for we will once again have a seminarian with us for ten weeks. I look forward to introducing Jonathan Evangelista to you all next weekend as he arrives this Thursday. It is good for me to have a housemate and to be a mentor. Let us all accompany this young man on his path of discipleship as he tries to respond to the Lord’s call in his life, one day at a time.

Some of the parish staff will be journeying to a conference for Catholic parishes held in Cincinnati, and so the office will be closed on Tuesday and Wednesday (May 14 & 15). We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause, but are excited about how this will continue to build up the work our parish is doing. Please pray for us!