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How will you choose to make this a truly "Holy" Week?  If we don't try to focus on it, this week won't appear any different from the rest, except perhaps for the Easter candy we find in stores.  Certainty Good Friday should be a day of fasting (eating less) and abstaining from meat, as is a universal law of the church for all between ages 18-59.  Besides that, we need to do our part to make this week special, according to our particular circumstances and preferences.  Here are some possibilities to choose from:

1. Stay away from non-religious television, or radio, or internet, or all of it. Or perhaps trim down the time.
2. Have specific quiet time each day, perhaps the first or last hours of the day.
3. Read the last chapters of Luke's Gospel, 22 through 24, one bit each day.
4. Attend one or more of the "secret services" of the Chrism Mass (Monday), Holy Thursday, and Good Friday.
5. Come to morning Mass or morning prayer sometime this week.
6. Stop in the church for personal prayer when you have some flexible time.
7. Make a good Confession - see local parish bulletins for added times.
8. Read a book on Christ's Passion or Resurrection. I highly recommend Pope Benedict XVI's Jesus of Nazareth: Part 2 (Holy Week) or anything written by Brant Pitre (search his name online).
9. Watch a movie on the life of Christ or the early church. Or the classic The Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston.
10. Compose a list of the greatest blessing, and challenges, of the last year. This would be great material to bring to your prayer of the Lord's Paschal Mystery and to help you see where God is wanting you to go, and how He desires you to grow.
11. Prepare for Divine Mercy Sunday by beginning the novena (nine consecutive days of prayer) on Good Friday.
12. Map out some churches to visit on the evening / night of Holy Thursday to adore our Lord Jesus in the precious gift of the Eucharist.
13. Make a lamb cake and give it to your neighbors or co-worker(s). (Just not to your pastor: I am only one person and can't eat a whole cake!)
14. Pray the Stations of the Cross each day on your own. You may even try a different version each day. So many different sets of reflections are available online. I would recommend especially the Vatican website's collection (including videos from years past).
15. Read the readings for Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Vigil during prayer time this week.
16. Realize that it is Jesus that you see in the needy around you, and love Him in them.

I hope this is of help to you.  Many options are out there, but they all are meant to foster one thing: love of God.  Saint Teresa of Avila (Thérèse's namesake) said "Keep in your mind that I could not exaggerate the importance of this. Fix your eyes on the Crucified and everything will become small for you."  It may take time, but if we persevere in prayerfully gazing on Our Lord, the desires of our heart will begin to mold with His Will.  This is what it means to be sanctified.  God bless your week.

Saint Thérèse, our little flower in heaven, pray for us to make a good Holy Week!