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I hope you have started well your Lenten journey.  Prayer, fasting, and almsgiving are ways that we make room for God to work in our lives.  I pray that during this season you can open wide the doors of your hearts for the Lord Jesus to enter.  The gift of Easter is bigger than we can imagine, and we need to make as much room as possible for receiving it.  However, as Saint Thérèse says, "all is grace," meaning that everything is a pure gift that we do not earn.  While we must do our part, God only shares Himself at His own free decision - similar to friendship or romance.

We all desire to be different, but it will take time and will be something beyond our control, as much as that frightens us (both the change and the lack of control).  I bet if you look back at some of the most transformative moments in your life you could find that the center of those moments was the Lord Himself, and not the self, even if God was "working undercover."  I pray that this Lent allows you to encounter Christ in a deep way so that the transformation we long for can truly be ours.

We will continue this Friday to try out a second, later option for Stations of the Cross at the parish (7pm).  I encourage those who are typically unable to make it in time for the 5:30pm Stations.  Also, you can still come to the soup supper, even if you cannot make it at 6pm when it starts.  So do what you can or what you prefer for these Fridays of Lent.  If there is little to no interest for the later Stations, we may not have it for the later weeks in Lent.  We are just trying to see what will help you in your faith journey during Lent.

Pray for the Women's Welcome Retreat ("Christ Renews His Parish 2.0") that will be the first weekend of April (6th-7th).  All lady parishioners 18 and older: please check your calendars and try to make space for this weekend!  It would be a great gift to the Lord, who is never outdone in generosity!  I know the women have been doing well to prepare for this retreat and have lifted up in prayer all the ladies who will be in attendance.  God will do some good work for our parish through this retreat.  Thank you for your prayers and support for this retreat, as well as the Men's weekend in May (18th-20th).

Saint Thérèse, Little Flower, pray for us to open our hearts to Jesus this Lent!