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As Lent starts this week, I’d like to offer an idea for your Lenten journey.

One percent of your day is 14 minutes and 24 seconds.  Each hour is just over four percent of your day.  So I think I sleep about 30% of my day, typically.  Some more of our time is spent on food.  Perhaps exercise and work.

How much time to we spend on our screens?  Three years ago CNN had an article stating that American adults spend an average of ten hours and 39 minutes each day looking at screens (e-mail, computer work, televisions, phones).  This amounts to about 44% of one’s day.  Even if you spend all eight hours of work looking at your screen, that still leaves about 11% of time with screens that might not be required with our duties or responsibilities.  Could we shave some of that time for the Lord?
Could you give God one or two percent more of your day during Lent?

Evangelical Catholic is proposing this exact challenge.  In their one percent challenge, they are inviting Catholics to pray with Sacred Scripture for fifteen minutes a day.  Giving God one percent of your day, and dedicating it to listening and not speaking, is a beautiful addition to your Lenten journey.  More information is available at www.evangelicalcatholic.org

As we hear at Ash Wednesday, we are called during this season to pray, fast, and give alms.  To turn to God in prayer, to deny the goods of the flesh, and to sacrifice for the needy are ways we show that we are children of a future home and not solely this one.  Let us seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, so that the light of the Gospel may shine more perfectly through us and from the Church.

Other ideas for Lent are available through the parish, especially our daily Masses, volunteering in the food pantry and other outreach missions, and our typical Friday events (Stations of the Cross, soup supper, and spiritual development).  Please review the bulletin for ideas and ways to give yourself more fully to the Lord.

May God bless your Lenten journey.