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Last week I gave a presentation after my homily about the upcoming projects that will help improve our parish, especially our church where our life is centered around the Lord’s True Presence in the Eucharist. You can view the text of this talk on our parish website.  

This weekend during Mass we are reviewing the project list and goal of the “Small Things with Great Love” capital campaign. You will be receiving more information in the mail about the campaign this week if you have not already received it. Please reflect on the information and consider how you can support our campaign.

Next weekend, as an entire parish, we will spend a few minutes making our pledge. Our hope is to have every household make a pledge to the campaign. With a united parish effort, we are living out the spirit of our patroness, who wished to glorify God through little deeds accomplished with abundant love, to please Him as he is pleased by the “little flowers” of the field.

We have assessed the total needs of the projects in our parish and have come up with a goal of $1,300,000. Our hope is to raise these funds over the next three years. With the help of each family - small things with great love - we can meet and even exceed our goal.

As your family prays and reflects on the level of their gift, please know that no one can tell another what to give but many households are probably wondering about a guideline to help their discernment. Some information will be found in the campaign brochure you will receive in the mail this week. When deciding how much to give to the capital campaign, a rule of thumb that may be helpful is to start calculations from 'one dollar per week per one-thousand dollars of annual household income'. In other words, if you make $50,000 per year, consider $50 per week, $80,000 per year consider $80 per week and so on.

Please also remember that your capital gift is over and above whatever you contribute weekly or monthly now to the offertory collection.  This is the only way we can continue to cover our standard operating costs and stay on budget.

I am grateful to the parishioners who have helped with volunteering for the parish’s Kris Kringle Craft Show this Saturday.  It is always impressive to see how well organized the event is, thanks to Eli Tyl. Her experience is invaluable and the vast attendance is a testament to her ability to bring great vendors, offer a nice meal, and make the day worthwhile for so many.  It also brings a great amount of donations to the food pantry, usually about two shopping carts. Thank you all for your efforts!