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Writing this on Monday morning, I can say that the retreat of this week has had a good start. It was very helpful for me to be in a place of prayer, quiet, and free from distraction. I thank God for the prayers of so many to help the week bear fruit, for I know all too well that I cannot make myself to be a good priest, but must rely on the grace of God who hears the cries of His faithful ones. May the Lord reward you all for your support of my priestly ministry. Indeed, you certainly gain from praying for your priests - imagine what we would be like without your prayerful help: Lord, save us!  

I was able this week to refocus on the center of my life: why did God make me? Why do any of us exist? Why am I a priest? What does the Lord truly want of me? How can I hear Him and follow Him? Much conversing with the Lord was needed in these days to make them fruitful, and so I tried to spend at least two hours of every day sitting/kneeling before His True Presence - looking, listening, pouring out my heart. I read yesterday: “So often, such waiting on God is regarded as a waste of time. The act of faith that gives the time and space to such contemplation says that no time is wasted in which God is served. The service of God is the sanctification of time. No time is sanctified more than when it is a pure gift, given in faith with no other expectation than to ‘be’ in the presence of God.”  Thus I reiterate once again the importance of daily meditative prayer, and of retreats. Please make a gift of your time and yourself to God. You will not regret it, unless you make your own requirements and demands for specific results. Give, and just be with Him, and accept that as enough. Then the healing God wants to give will come - in His way, in His time.

The Gospels in these final weeks of Ordinary Time speak ever more poignantly of the end of the ages, culminating in our celebration of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe. This week, the virgins who are prudent keep the oil for their lamps. Mother Teresa, Saint Teresa of Kolkata, said this oil represents the discipline of prayer, of daily conversing with the Lord. If you want to be ready to meet Jesus when He breaks into your ordinary daily life, then you must stay fixed on Him in prayer. If you do so, you will be ready to recognize Him - He will not go unnoticed. Prayer also keeps us from “burning out,” a modern phrase that might have its source in today’s parable.

I wish to thank the many volunteers for the Kris Kringle Craft Show that we had on Saturday. The event is very popular and is a good way of supporting true handiwork,
while also supporting parish efforts such as the food pantry. Thanks again for another good year!

If you have this Sunday afternoon free, please come at 3:00 pm to support all those in the parish who are in need of healing through the sacrament of Anointing of the Sick. Perhaps you could also receive some prayer yourself from the Healing Prayer Ministry, a wonderful group of parishioners who have been trained to pray with others and seek the Lord’s healing touch.

Saint, Thérèse, Little Flower, pray for us!