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This is the final Sunday of the “Season of Creation.” a designation by Pope Francis after the publication of Laudato Si in 2015. Following the Global Climate Strike on September 20-27,  led by mostly young people in over 150 countries, these words from Pope Francis from his encyclical letter are timely.

“An awareness of the gravity of today’s cultural and ecological crisis must be translated into new habits. Many people know that our current progress and the mere amassing of things and pleasures are not enough to give meaning and joy to the human heart, yet they feel unable to give up what the market sets before them. In those countries which should be making the greatest changes in consumer habits, young people have a new ecological sensitivity and a generous spirit, and some of them are making admirable efforts to protect the environment.”

Leading up to the United Nations Summit on Climate Change on September 23, UN Secretary General António Guterres said, “These schoolchildren have grasped something that seems to elude many of their elders: we are in a race for our lives, and we are losing. My generation has failed to respond properly to the dramatic challenge of climate change. This is deeply felt by young people. No wonder they are angry.”