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Today, September 1, is designated as World Day of Care for All Creation. That was a pronouncement of Pope Francis after the publication of his encyclical letter, Laudato Si, in 2015. The challenge around designating a day for special attention is, what happens between September 2 and August 31.

We are well past the point where we can be ambivalent about climate. The current burning of the rain forests of the Amazon, the melting of the polar ice caps, the poisoning of the Earth’s air, water, and soil, and the eradication of whole ecosystems should be setting off alarm bells everywhere. Pope Francis speaks of these things in his encyclical, but his foundational emphasis is the heart of humanity.

The pope speaks of how the Spirit is engaged in the world, not separate. Just as the Spirit is not disassociated from the body, but lived through it. The pope speaks of the interconnection of all things, and when those connections are broken, harm and havoc are generated and alienation results.

The pope speaks of the gaze of Jesus. “The Lord was able to invite others to be attentive to the beauty there that is in the world because he himself was in constant touch with nature.,.lending it an attention full of fondness and wonder…. The very flowers of the field and the birds which his human eyes contemplated and admired are now imbued with his radiant presence.”

The Social Justice Commission is going to make a priority of addressing the climate crisis through the pope’s wisdom. Stay tuned.