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On Sunday, April 28, the St. Therese Little Flower Social Justice Commission (SJC) hosted the Faith in Indiana St. Joseph County chapter in a powerful workshop on one-on-one relationship building. Over fifty people from various churches, Sinai Synagogue and neighborhood groups attended the training.

The object of this relational training is to build relationships within groups and houses of worship.  From these relationships local voices can be heard on such vital issues as incarceration, ways to combat addiction, methods to prevent violence in our county and the problems of lead poisoning and other public health challenges.  The SJC is committed to speaking with almost 50 members of Little Flower in the next three months to build relationships within our congregation. 

From this start the SJC hopes to address issues that involve our parish and to have an impact on these issues in our local community.  It is our practical way of living out our Service Prayer.