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In their pastoral letter, “Open Wide Our Hearts,” the bishops point out the many forms of racism in our society. Even though we’ve made progress with the civil rights movement and some legislation, they point out that it is false to think that racism is “only found in the hearts of individuals who can be dismissed as ignorant or unenlightened.”

They point out the following:
  • Re-appearance of symbols of hatred, such as nooses and swastikas, in public places.
  • Discrimination in hiring, housing, educational opportunities, and incarceration for Hispanics and African Americans.
  • Immigration enforcement practices for Hispanics.
  • Suspected criminal activity for African Americans.
  • Growing fear and harassment of persons from majority Muslim countries.
  • Xenophobic rhetoric that instigates fear against foreigners, immigrants, and refugees.
  • Reported killing of unarmed citizens, notably African Americans, by law enforcement.
  • How resources are allocated to communities that remain de facto segregated.
            Perhaps most impactful:
  • The sin of omission when individuals, communities, and even churches remain silent and fail to act against racial injustice.
We all need to look into our hearts, where racism might exist unwillingly or unwittingly by upbringing and culture.