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Hello! My name is Daniel Padilla and I am excited to take on my new role as Music Director of Little Flower! I was born and raised in Columbus, IN to two Filipino parents. I am the youngest of three, my older brother Michael is a doctor in Indianapolis and my older sister Mariel writes for the New York Times in NYC (and they'll all be coming to South Bend for our Christmas liturgy!) My work for the Church began at a young age when I joined the children's choir at my hometown parish, St. Bartholomew.

My role grew slowly from choirster to pianist and organist, to violinist, and finally to assistant music director. God then led me to Notre Dame (where I am currently finishing out my final semester) and I was given the opportunity to continue my ministry to the Church. For a few years I was the music minister of Dillon Hall, O'Neill Hall, and Walsh Hall, then I became an undergraduate conductor of the Basilica's Liturgical Choir, and most recently I ministered at the Law School Chapel. However, I missed the community that a parish brings, and so I was thankful when God gave me the opportunity to be a part of a parish so close and so welcoming. I cannot express how grateful I am to be surrounded by people so enthusiastic about music and to be working for a priest so supportive of my work. I look forward to meeting you all and am excited to make music together!