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Are we truly present to Jesus? Today’s Gospel about Martha, Mary, and Jesus, is illuminating.

We are distracted by many things, but we may not see them as distractions, but responsibilities. Martha was very responsible, and the ways she was responsible were laudable and worthwhile. Just as the many responsibilities we have daily concerning family, work, household upkeep, civic involvements, and responsible citizenship are laudable and worthwhile. The passage doesn’t suggest that Mary never was involved with the mundane, but only that when the Lord was present, she was fully attentive to him. You can be sure she hung on to every word Jesus spoke. When we hear Scripture proclaimed at Mass or when we read Scripture, the Lord is present. Are we present to him?

Presence is crucial to healing. Listen! Let us hang on to every word the Lord speaks, through the written word or through the spoken word by the Holy Spirit.