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Healing Prayer

God’s love, and only his love, is unconditional. That’s the message of today’s Gospel. The hired hand entrusted with the safety of the sheep performs his duty only when its convenient for him. Jesus is the good shepherd, and he laid down his life for his sheep.

That is why only Jesus can heal, as his love is unconditional. That was the message of Fr. McAlear at the healing Mass and service. As he said, “I don’t heal anyone. Only God heals.” Only unconditional love can heal, although God gifts imperfect people (as we all are) to be “conduits” of his desire to heal. That person might be you.

Jesus heals, and his name heals. As the first reading from Acts says, “…nor is there any other name under heaven given to the human race by which we are to be saved.” That is why we pray, with faith, “In the name of Jesus Christ…” for healing.