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Some of us from the Healing Prayer Community, and others from the parish and diocese, attended the Encounter Conference 2020 on January 2-4 in Toledo, Ohio. Recall that Encounter Ministries offered a mini school of healing and a healing service at Little Flower last November.

It was an amazing three days, with a wonderful blend of praise and worship, teaching, prayer, and fellowship. During Dr. Mary Healy’s remarks at a General Session, this writer jotted down the following comments: “Factual reality can blind us to spiritual realities.” “God wants to open the eyes of our hearts.” “A tsunami of the Spirit is here.” “We need to come to Jesus in our powerlessness.” “There’s no place for pride, fear, insecurity.” “We need 20/20 vision with the spiritual realm.”

Yes, a tsunami of the Spirit is here, but without 20/20 vision with the spiritual realm, we can totally miss out. 20/20 spiritual vision puts new life into Paul’s statement in Ephesians 1:18-19. Take the time to look it up.