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Nothing in human history has been as consequential as what we celebrate this Easter Sunday – the Resurrection of Christ. Christ rising changes everything! As we hear in the exultet, “This is the night, when Christ broke the prison-bars of death….” Not just death itself, but everything that is death-like. Not only does death no longer have dominion over us. Neither does sickness nor disease, neither fear nor condemnation, neither anxiety nor despair. But we must be willing to be amazed. Amazed as the women were when they discovered the empty tomb. Amazed as Peter was when he looked in the empty tomb. The celebration of Easter must never be routine.

God is active in our lives today. We need to look and listen. The Healing Prayer Ministry, active for the last eight years at Little Flower, prays with people on the first and third Sundays of each month after the morning Masses. It is our mission to help people to see and hear.