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This month looks to break all records in the number of calls for assistance received. The needs are always the same – assistance to avoid disconnections in utilities or eviction in rents, with occasional other needs. But each story is unique, even if there are many common threads.

One woman came asking for help with her electric bill. Her story? She was beaten and sexually abused as a child, teenager, and young adult. She became an alcoholic. That was her past, but she has overcome so many obstacles and today she attends AA and is a recovering alcoholic. She is about to graduate with a nursing degree and soon will be certified. She is confident of a good job offer.

Another woman had a good job, but the hours didn’t allow for much time for her two children, ages 7 and 14. That was unacceptable. She found another job that paid less, but which allowed her to have regular quality time with her children. She needed help with rent as she was “re-tooling” her budget.

Thank you for your generosity with the green envelopes that allowed us to help these two people.