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In December, the Outreach Program provided $7,281.62 in assistance to 34 families or individuals for 38 accounts. Many thanks for the generous donations in December. They not only enabled the program to support a little higher dollar need than usual, but it also enables us to provide good support for January needs.

As this column is being written, we just recorded the initial 100 requests for assistance. A higher than normal proportion of requests are for rental assistance. One man lost his job, is scrambling to find a new job, but has come up empty so far. He not only couldn’t pay his rent, but he is being penalized with penalties that would add $200 to his total cost for January. He felt totally entrapped. We’re advised to have “rainy day” savings, but for many their income doesn’t allow them to save anything.

Thank you for your generosity. You are truly a blessing.