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The Social Justice Commission

Meet Allison Preston

Social justice is a call to action that demands all people have equal rights and human dignity in all aspects of life. I was first introduced to this concept in college when I lived in a Catholic Worker home. The experience challenged me to analyze my actions and reflect on what I was doing to empower others who were oppressed by their race, gender, sexual orientation, able-bodiedness, socio-economic status, and more. I was required to live simply and sustainably, serve at the local soup kitchen, listen to the stories of others who have been oppressed and work with them on finding solutions to societal barriers. This experience inspired me to learn more about the teachings of Dorothy Day, Óscar Romero, and St. Vincent de Paul who asked, “What must be done?”

As a new parishioner and member of the Social Justice Commission, I hope to continue asking what must be done in this community, and what is my role in helping others?