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Friendship with God, Friendship with Our Spouse, In the Holy Spirit 

The story of the wedding feast at Cana contains hope for all marriages, even the better ones. At Cana we see the enthusiasm and joy that happens at every wedding. But just like the wine at Cana, this initial enthusiasm runs out with the passage of time. Then, couples act only out of habit, not out of love and with joy. If we are not attentive and careful, sadness and boredom will descend upon the family. When this happens to a couple it must sadly be said of them, “They have no more wine.”

The Cana episode points out how a couple can get out of this situation and even avoid falling into it: “Invite Jesus to your wedding!” He can repeat the miracle of Cana. You can ask him to transform your water into wine—the water of routine, lukewarmness, and habit. He will do so. He will make your love and joy even better than that at the start, just as he did with the wine at Cana.

“Our life is chaotic and probably will be for a long time. But in the Marriage in Christ Seminar we experienced praying together on a daily basis. Now we are on the same page and we can face the chaos together.”

“The Marriage in Christ Seminar has been transformative.”

Thursday evenings at 7:00pm,

March 14-April 11, Parish Center Upper Room

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