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Friendship with God, Friendship with Our Spouse, In the Holy Spirit

The Marriage in Christ seminar is five weeks long (one 2-hour evening per week).  It is for all marriages, not just those who are struggling or newly married.  Each night includes a video of a short episode to present that week’s topic, small group discussions (men and women separate), and private discussion time for each couple.  On the fourth night we have an opportunity to invite the Holy Spirit to be more a part of our marriage.

“I didn’t have great expectations for the seminar.  I was thinking, ‘I don’t need this.’...We came anyway, and week after week we did the homework. To my great surprise and joy, I found myself loving my wife in new, tangible ways...There was a new affection in our relationship. When we prayed together on the fourth night, it was like looking into the face of the young lady that I married 33 years ago. It was very moving.”
Thursday evenings at 7:00pm,
March 14-April 11, Parish Center
To register please contact Jim or Gerry Sgroi 574-360-6151 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The cost is $100 per couple, but no couple should miss this opportunity due to finances! Fr. Terry will subsidize the cost by paying $50 per couple, because your marriage is worth investing in!

For more info visit: www.marriageinchrist.com.