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What words can possibly do justice to the experience of last weekend? What an extraordinary blessing was received by and for the Little Flower community, all from South Bend and surrounding communities and from other states who attended.

So, first of all, thank you Fr. Richard McAlear. You are truly God’s messenger and a great blessing to the Church. Thank you, Fr. Paul Doyle, CSC, who presided at the Mass and joined Fr. McAlear in blessing people during the healing service.  Then, thank you to Debra Hawley, Fr. Mac’s long-time assistant and her assistant, Mary, who both provided invaluable guidance for the event. Thank you to the music ministry who frequently accompanies Fr. Mac, who joined with the Little Flower music ministry led by Brian Garland. Then the many priests who helped with Mass, and hearing confessions.

Then, we want to thank the 23 prayer warriors who made up the prayer teams at eleven stations – 13 from the Little Flower Healing Prayer Team, and ten from other parishes and the  People of Praise Charismatic community. Also helping were over 60 volunteers who assisted as ushers, catchers, consolers, parking assistants, providers of shuttle service, and vendors for Fr. Mac’s books, DVD’s, and CDs. Then, of course, thank you to the Little Flower office staff who provided ongoing assistance, before and during the event. And last but not least, we are so thankful for our pastor, Fr. Terry, for his support and enthusiasm.