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In January, the Outreach Program provided $5,987.56 in assistance to 33 families for 36 accounts. By all appearances, February looks to be an equally full month.

One woman’s story stood out. She has suffered from every disease possible it seems. She’d had two heart attacks and had been pronounced dead after the second one, only to be brought back. She has type 2 diabetes which is uncontrollable and requires insulin all day. She has thyroid cancer, a bad liver, nerve damage, arthritis, failing eyesight and memory. Because of all her health issues, she can’t hold a job. She admitted to not having cared for herself over the last five years because of taking care of her ailing parents. She used to be active but now can’t even play with her grandchildren.

She said the last five to six years “have been hell.” Yet, she had amazing faith. We went into the church to pray, an environment she understood as she had been educated in a Catholic school through eighth grade. It was all quite amazing.