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Angela (not her actual name) came to us for assistance with her electric bill and rent. We knew when we received her phone call that she was someone we needed to help. Little did we know the whole story.

She was in a terrible auto accident a few years back, which required extensive back surgery. She walked with difficulty when she came to us. A litany of health issues followed the accident and surgery. She was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease, after that with sjogrens syndrome and a compromised immune system. Then her liver and gall bladder were attacked and she had to have the gall bladder removed. Then she was diagnosed with Angina and had the added pains of heart disease. She is now on a Cpac machine.

We completed the forms to assist her and asked if she would like prayer. “Oh yes,” she responded with a quick smile. We went into the sanctuary of the church and there we heard more jaw-dropping details. She and her siblings were abandoned when she was four-years-old. She was raised by her older siblings until age 10 when she went into foster care. At age 18, she went to California, and after a few years returned to Indiana.
As is so often the case, we were amazed by her faith. With the help of SSI and part-time work as an after-school caregiver, and with our assistance, she hopes to get back on track.

Thank you for making it possible for us to assist her and hear her story.