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We don’t fabricate these stories. They illustrate in stark terms the pain and suffering many people are enduring. Scott has had a shoulder and two knee replacements, four eye surgeries, serious arthritis and deterioration of bones. Although still employment age, he can’t work, much as he wants to. Even covering a small water bill was a blessing for him.

While in her vehicle, Valerie was hit by a large vehicle and suffered what was thought to be whiplash but turned out to be more serious neck injuries. She suffers panic attacks, aggravated by the unexpected death of her father soon after the accident. She has had three minimum wage jobs over the last year, but has difficulty keeping up with the work demands. When she came to us, she feared being evicted. We were able to help her and give her some breathing room.

Oftentimes, we wish we could help the people we do help even more. Breathing room is one thing; relief is another. And many people we’re not able to help. Fortunately there are other agencies. But we’re grateful for your generosity that enables us to help many. Truly, as you give, you are being the hands and feet of Jesus, as we pray in our Service Prayer. Thank you.