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From the Deacon’s Desk: Whatsoever You Do Outreach Update

We continue to get 125-150 calls per month asking for help.

We currently are able to assist 25-30 families per month. Our assistance of about $5,000 per month softens some hard realities. Thank you for your continued generosity.
Little Flower has long been able to not only give financial help, but sometimes do small house repairs and fixup projects. But, we are badly in need of volunteer handymen who can help a few hours here and there for the needy. Contact Deacon Greg at 243-3437 or Brian Wheeler at 298-7501.

An elderly parishioner living on her social security of $1,100 per month is suddenly without water. It looks like she needs a new well which would cost about $5,000. Here is the dilemma: should we help only her next month? Then, we will not be able to help any others. She (the parishioner) and they (others asking for assistance) would greatly appreciate any help you can offer.

Deacon Greg and Kim Kleber and our team of intake counselors.