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In November, the Outreach Program provided $3,932.55 in assistance to 25 people for 28 accounts. That was a decrease from October, but only because of decreased available funds. It’s not that parishioners haven’t been generous. You have! The needs are sooooo great, and many times the stories are heart-wrenching. There is a lot of discernment that is needed, and a lot of prayer offered that the Spirit guide us with good judgment. One challenge, do we provide a lesser amount that avoids an immediate disconnect or eviction, or do we cover a larger amount due that will provide breathing room to get back on top of things. Sometimes it’s one, sometimes it’s the other.

[On] December 3, we record the calls for folks seeking assistance. Half the calls we receive for the month always come on the first business day of the month. The process resumes. Thank you for your generosity through the green envelopes. You are truly a leaven for many people.