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Whatsoever You Do Update

•  In November 2017, we assisted 38 families with a total of $5,100 for utilities and rent.
•  In the past 18 months, Little Flower has assisted a total of 675 individual families.
•  With the expertise of Brian Weaver and the skilled help of Jim Molenda of our parish, an elderly parishioner now has hot water supply in her house. Generous parishioners contributed to the costs.  Unfortunately, her septic system is essentially nonfunctional.  Estimates are $9,100 to replace.  She is tapped out on resources.  Can any of us help?
•  Kim Kleber has done an incredible job in essentially managing and updating our assistance program. She and Jerry move to Florida in the New Year.  In gratitude, we wish them Godspeed!

May our merciful Lord bless all our volunteers and all the needy we assist.
Deacon Greg and the Assistance Team