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We are so glad you are here!
To the person who hungers for God but doesn't know where to go, we want to help you discover Him.

To the person in the pew who feels invisible or unknown, we see you and we want to know you (and even more so, God wants to know you!)

To the person who has been away and is still a little afraid to be back, we welcome you back with open arms!

To the person who hasn't missed Mass in years, God is calling you deeper.

To the person who has already had a powerful encounter with God, He wants you to share your story.

No matter where you are, Jesus wants to love you and bring you deeper. Find out more about how you can get connected with how you can find a full life with Jesus in our parish community! Visit this website or scan this code to find out more: littleflowerchurch.org/get-connected.